Celebrate Church History with the Digital Custombook™

Over one thousand churches throughout the country have taken advantage of the Custombook™ program, which provides every family in the church with a beautiful keepsake edition of the church's unique story for their own library. Today we are digitizing our collection of church histories for archiving, which will not only preserve the church’s heritage but also enable church members to view their church’s story on a tablet..

Why Custombook? The publication of such a book can achieve many objectives, each focusing on a special purpose.

A Custombook edition will:
Library of Congress

Custombooks have been accepted for
the Library of Congress’s
American Church History Collection

  • Preserve your church’s history and heritage for present and future generations.
  • Recognize the accomplishments of today’s active church members and clergy.
  • Stimulate interest in church organizations and activities.
  • Become an invaluable introduction to new members.
  • Become an income source through a proven sponsorship plan, if desired.

We do the work. And through our unique, under-one-roof program, your Custombook limited edition can be prepared with very little work on your part. We do the work for you, leaving only the task of approving each step of the project as it progresses. In short, Custombook becomes your parish publisher.

In the Library of Congress. Custom Studios is especially proud that the archive of its church histories will go into the Library of Congress and will comprise the Library’s American Church History Collection.

Let us create a Custombook for your parish or congregation. Here is more info...

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